Below are some of the projects that FOTRS has successfully funded in the past. Click on the photos for further details of each project.

Music Provision
We provide continuous support for a range of musical activities at a cost of around £3,000 per year. More
New classroom shelters
In 2017 we provided outdoor shelters for the Oak and Beech classrooms. More
Bikes and Scooters
In 2016 FOTRS provided six custom-made bicycles and scooters. More
Yurt - an Outdoor Classroom
In 2014, at a cost of £19,000, we completed the yurt - a fabulous facility that serves as a heated outdoor classroom. More
Log Cabin
Funding of £6,500 was secured to install a log cabin in the woodland area. More
Minibus 2015
In 2015, after we secured total funding of £42k, Lord’s Taverners presented the school with a new minibus. More
Chestnut Room Redecoration
We funded the redecoration of this room. More
Chillout Room Refurbishment
We refurbished this special room with music and light equipment. More
Sensory Discovery and Experience Garden
This project was completed in 2010 at a cost of £7,000. More
Woodland Development
We have developed a woodland area within the school grounds. More
Perimeter Fence
We funded a perimeter fence in 2007. More
We have provided a polytunnel together with equipment. More
In 2007 we planted apple and pear trees. More
Drainage to Outer Field
Our least glamorous project in 2009 costing £3,000. More
Climbing Boulder
We installed a climbing boulder in 2010, costing almost £12,000. More
Tyre Trail
In 2010 we installed a tyre trail activity area. More