Having recently successfully concluded our campaign to raise £42,000 for a second minibus appeal, our current fundraising efforts are focused on:

    • Replacement minibus campaign
    • Music therapy campaign

Replacement Minibus Campaign

Variety Children’s Charity is going to provide the school with a new Sunshine coach (an example illustrated) as replacement for the vehicle they Kindly supplied to us 13 years ago. A sponsor has been found and FOTRS has committed to raising £10,000 towards this project. Having been forewarned, we are already well on the way to achieving this target – thanks to on-going contributions from our many supporters.

Music Therapy Campaign

FOTRS funds an on-going programme to provide music therapy to Rowan children. For a short introduction to our Music Therapy Campaign please see this short overview presented by chairman of FOTRS, Prof. Barry Hancock:

See the children in action:

We all know what joy music can bring to each and every one of us but at the Rowan, music, in many guises, enables our children to learn and develop in ways that were never thought possible.

The impact of the music we try our hardest to deliver at the Rowan throughout the curriculum is truly astonishing; from the youngest children of five years old through to our eleven year olds. From seemingly the smallest things like enjoying rhythms through a vibration cushion through to using software on the computer to create moods for scenes and their own compositions, the children learn valuable life skills that many of us simply take for granted.

For some of our children, the specialist delivery of music therapy on a one-to-one basis is incredibly valuable; these children often connect with music unlike any other medium, in such a special way.

Imagine the joy of a child whose communication skills are limited, being able to respond by making music on an array of instruments, responding to rhythms, listening with bright lit-up eyes and communicating in a way that was never to be expected.

Imagine the joy of a group of children, enabled by our therapy, to come together, to sing together, to grow and develop together, to have fun and grow in understanding.

We need your help. Whilst music plays an integral part in our curriculum we are not always able to find the means to provide those children who need it with the extra therapy that they so desperately need.

When you need cheering up, how easy is it for you to pop on your favourite music to lift your spirits? Imagine the benefit you can give to our children by your donations.

Your donations will do more than simply lift spirits, they will contribute to the growth and development of a very special group of children.
Please be generous. If music matters to you, please, please give to our children for whom music matters most.

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