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The Rowan School is fortunate to be situated on a large grassed site with an area of natural woodland at the rear of the school buildings.  We have found the woodland area to provide so many wonderful opportunities for our children to learn and grow.  Children with autistic spectrum disorders have problems to do with their communication and social development, thumb and the many activities we pursue in the woodland setting have a significant positive impact.

Rowan is already an outstanding school but we always believe we can do better and constantly aspire to offer our children new learning opportunities.

We are developing a school site where outdoor education is varied, exciting and inspiring.  We aim for our campus to be a place where a wide range of people will want to come and enjoy the facilities and share time and activities with our students.  Our pupils find social interaction challenging and need opportunities to practise skills in a safe place where they will be supported by experienced staff and a welcoming, wider community.

We are currently working on a ground-breaking scheme to encourage and develop independence in our pupils while creating respite for our parents and carers.  We intend to provide a developmental range of residential opportunities so that children can experience a number of exciting milestones, from staying late after school, through sleeping over for one night indoor camping in our hall, sleeping in an outdoor building hopefully (although we don’t yet have one), to camping in tents in our woodland.

We are currently raising funds to build a yurt in the grounds of the school so that outdoor learning can take place throughout the year. Our project will transform the lives of our pupils and provide them with an enriched experience for learning and development.  If you can help us in any way then please get in touch.

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Learn about our current fundraising efforts to purchase new equipment and resources to replace those that were damaged in the recent flood that occurred at the Rowan School building.

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